As the Founder (and now co-chair) of Greater Vancouver Luxury Homes, I’ve always believed in
the value of “networking”. Luxury homes are more difficult for agents to preview since we must
first make an appointment. By touring new listings monthly, it allows agents to efficiently tour
6-10 properties at one time. We always meet at the first home to be toured, for a light
coffee/treats followed by a brief meeting. This gives us an opportunity to network and share
other properties that are available/coming online or asking about availability of properties for
our buyers. This also gives us a chance to discuss the market and any other real estate
While on tour we encourage agents to fill out a Price Opinion/Comment Sheet that can be
shared with our sellers. I have found this to be SO BENEFICIAL since the properties are being
seen by others who may have buyers looking for this kind of home. So many times, their
comments include staging/condition/location as well as price.
I’ve had the opportunity to sell a home from having it on tour. I’ve also seen a property that I
knew was “perfect” for my buyer. Best of all has been the ability to meet and get to know other
agents, so that although we may be on opposite sides of an offer, we have mutual respect as
we work through the negotiations and complete the transaction.

Linda Horowitz

CRS, GRI, Windermere Stellar

To whom it may concern:
I have been a member of the Greater Vancouver Luxury Home Group for over fifteen years. My membership in this organization serves to provide my luxury home clients with elevated exposure in the marketing of their home. My membership in the Greater Vancouver Luxury Home Group allow a targeted marketing approach to real estate brokers and affiliate members who  specialize in this market segment. It is important when selling a luxury home that it is exposed to Buyers who appreciate the finest attributes that are part of a high quality home. The Greater Vancouver Luxury Home Group target properties that feature these attributes in Southwest Washington.
The members of GVLH are knowledgeable, experienced and well educated in luxury home sales. These individuals come from many different Brokerage houses, but each member shares the same goals; to bring competent Buyers to their luxury home client’s property, gain maximum marketing exposure through advertising and property tours. GVLH, through cooperative investments from members strive to use updated website and mobile marketing venues that specifically target luxury homes in Southwest Washington. The GVLH annual Spring Tour features 30 plus luxury homes, these are the finest properties in SW Washington. As a real estate broker this is a very important marketing venue and is only available to members of GVLH. I have found my clients both appreciate and respect this highly advertised tour. The Spring Tour has grown into a community event, it also reaches prospective Buyers from across the national and international markets. GVLH also brings added exposure to my business through the support of the Columbian Newspaper and our Presenting Sponsor, Theresa Springer from Movement Mortgage.
I am extremely pleased with the results my membership has brought to my clients and overall business. Networking with other GVLH members has allowed my business to grow in all phases. In addition, GVLH members share marketing concepts and communication that allows me to deal with potential problems before they become issues. Selling a luxury home requires individuals that understand the luxury home market; the Greater Vancouver Luxury Homes Group builds on that all important need. 
I am very proud to be part of a great group of professional individuals that allow me to grow my professional skill sets.
Ed Faulk

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