Requirements to put properties on tour

The Agent needs to be a member – Become a Member Here

Property must be $800,000 or more (and of Premier quality-see below for criteria requirements)

Located within the Urban Growth Boundaries

If outside the UGB, agents can host a lunch at the end of tour

First property hosts coffee and treats

Cost to have property on tour: $25 (if not hosting coffee/lunch)

Property will then be hosted on our website

Upcoming 2019 Monthly Tours (Third Thursday of each month)

  • January         West
  • February       East
  • March            West
  • April               East
  • May                West
  • June               Spring Tour – open to the public $125 fee
  • July 18              East
  • August 15     West
  • September 19    East
  • October 17         West
  • November 15   East


  • $800,000 or above; properties MUST be “Luxury” in nature
  • Properties below $800,000 will be considered (with Board approval) if the Member feels there should be an exception
  • Listings for tour WON’T be accepted until they are on the RMLS website
  • If we have a full tour, then brokers will be limited to 1 listing
  • All properties for tour MUST BE REGISTERED (through our Website) by two Tuesdays prior to tour
  • Members who attend on a regular basis will be given priority
  • Members need to fill out the Monthly Tour Request Form (on our website): go to website, then Members button (right top side), then Monthly Tour Request

Please use the following guidelines when submitting a property for tour:QUALITY

Property must have a total score of 11 points or above to qualify. Circle the number which best applies, then add for a total.

  1. Is the property architecturally interesting and/or significant to the location or area? (Factors to consider: Does it have a view?)

Poor = 1,   Average = 2,   Above Average = 3,   Excellent = 4,   WOW! = 5

  1. How do you rate the condition of property? (Factors to consider: Does it need to be refurbished? Deferred maintenance? Excellent condition? Interior staged properly?)

Poor = 1,   Average = 2,   Above Average = 3,   Excellent = 4,   WOW! = 5

  1. Is the property special or unique?

Poor = 1,   Average = 2,   Above Average = 3,   Excellent = 4,   WOW! = 5

TOTAL SCORE:___________

PRICE: Property must also meet the minimum price guideline. ($800,000)

PHOTOS: There must be a minimum of 10 good quality/high-resolution photos of the listing.

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Tour Month and Location



You will be redirected to pay for the tour when you click on submit.

Please make payment to:
Greater Vancouver Luxury Homes
PO Box 65231
Vancouver WA 98665